About Us

Our Story

Not Guilty Skincare aims to empower women to feel more confident in taking a more mindful approach to their skincare routines. By providing what your skin needs, when it needs it, you can help to restore balance and prevent dryness and breakouts that are caused by hormones throughout the month.

We wanted a better way to treat hormonal skin and believe that prevention is better than cure. Our natural skincare products aim to support your skin as it changes in response to your hormonal cycle. We recognise that hormones play a large part in skin health and the changes that occur during each phase. Our products take care of your skin’s needs in the moment so you can achieve more balanced skin no matter the time of month. Our moon icons are labelled on each product, making it quick and easy to know when they should be applied. This approach to skincare helps you to achieve more balanced skin.

We are passionate about clean skincare and this approach allows you to work with your body rather than against it. We hope you love our products as much as we do.

Our Products

Each ingredient we use has been carefully chosen for the unique properties it lends the formula to combat a particular effect of hormonal skin. When creating a product that is aimed at targeting dry, dull, sensitive skin, we have made sure the ingredients are hydrating, nourishing and brightening whilst being gentle enough to use on compromised skin. Our oil controlling products not only help to absorb excess oil, but also contain anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredients to treat inflamed skin and prevent bacteria that causes acne. We have put a lot of thought into the actual needs of our skin during these phases and formulated products around them using natural ingredients that help to bring it back into balance.


My name is Lauren Gill and I am the founder of Not Guilty Skincare. The idea for Not Guilty came to me when I was struggling with hormonal acne that came every month like clockwork despite sticking to a routine. That's when I discovered cycle-syncing and how it could help to reduce my breakouts. Whilst I definitely saw results - it required a lot of brainwork to remember where I was in my cycle and what I should be using. I tried to find a line of products that could help me in this approach, but there was nothing available . So I decided to create one myself.


It has always been a dream of mine to start a skincare company that actually makes a difference in helping to address women’s needs and this seemed like a right place, right time kind of moment. After nearly a year of following this approach, I have managed to get rid of my hormonal breakouts all together and now have much more balanced, blemish free skin - regardless of where I am in my cycle. I wanted to share what I have learnt and help other women to banish hormonal skin issues with the use of less toxic, more natural products. 


It's taken months of research, formulating and testing to get our first products ready and I couldn't be prouder. I genuinely hope they help you to feel more confident to respond to your skin’s changing needs; I believe that we may not be able to control our hormones but we can definitely achieve more control over our skin. Even if that means just adopting a more mindful approach to skincare - then my job here is done.


Lauren x