Cycle-Syncing 101

So what is cycle-syncing? In simple terms, cycle-syncing your skincare is all about being mindful about your skincare routine and the products you use according to your menstrual cycle. The science behind cycle-syncing lies in the hormones as changes in their levels can have a visible impact on how we think, feel and act as well as the appearance of our skin. Therefore depending on which stage of the cycle we're at, our skin changes in response making it dryer or more acne prone as a result of the fluctuations in hormone levels.


So let's ask ourselves this - if we know that our skin is dryer and duller during our periods then why don't we increase our use of hydrating and brightening products to counteract it? Similarly if we know that our skin increases oil production 10-14 days before the start of our next period then why not give it a boost of oil controlling and antibacterial products to help prevent hormonal breakouts? That's what cycle-syncing your skincare is all about - providing your skin with the extra boost it needs, when it needs it so you can have radiant, balanced and healthy skin no matter the period.


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